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Starter Set Gembling change Bracelet, system jewellery, interchangeable jewelleryGemstone: Agate, Turquoise, fleur de lis pendant onWrap Bracelet: Quilted Faux Leather-Pacific TurquoiseLength: approx. 57cm2in 1: Wrap Bracelet or Necklace

Starter set from Gembling/interchangeable bracelets.
Personalised Jewellery's never been easier... Style every day again
Feel like something new , Don't Worry:
Other matching Rmbnder changing table and you can also purchase Mittelstücke here
Hook, centrepiece or wrap bracelet sharing and for the new your baby's new favourite toy.
Whether it's to your casual outfits, in the office is an elegant blouse or casual casual-this piece of jewellery Krnt any of your looks.
The Gembling bracelets look even as a costume or dirndl dress.
In the future, can all components separated to be purchased separately.
The design of the Gemblings & Rmbnder are constantly to grow, the system remains the same.
Gembling 'jewellery is produced exclusively manufactured here in the atelier Patricia Royal and is protected. You can do not machine produced and all of their pieces are hand finished.
From Chiemsee-Atelier Patricia King
Stands for handmade unique jewellery. Under this label have been designing the freelance artist Patricia Royal since 2012beautiful, the striking combination of highest quality materials, of various activities and the finest craftsmanship. Per Year, 2ranges.
'"My Jewellery and accessories are fun and the individuality of each individual highlight, which makes even all of our products unique and a result of small series. . It's very important to me continue to "Handmade in Germany or Bavaria to guarantee."
Twice a year is a new collection from chiemsee

2 9 mm Chain Bracelet with Black Agate Stainless Steel Bracelet 21 cm VFHAXFVRF

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